Genuine CANON 104, 0263B001AA / Type 104

  • Genuine CANON 104, 0263B001AA / Type 104
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Article #: OLCAAC104
Origin code: Canon 0263B001AA | FX10 | FX9 | CARTRIDGE TYPE 104 | 93219-0 | 932190 |  Super G3
Type: Laser cartridge
Category: Genuine
Capacity: Standard Yield
Print color: Black 
Nomber of pages4: 2,000

Compatible printers list

Canon - Fax Series
FaxPhone L120 | FaxPhone L90
Canon - ImageClass Series
ImageClass D420 | ImageClass D480 | ImageClass MF4150 | ImageClass MF4270 | ImageClass MF4350d | ImageClass MF4370dn | ImageClass MF469

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  • Brand: Canon
  • Product Code: 0263B001
  • Availability: This item is sold online only
  • 124.99$

Last update on 24.08.2023

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