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Here is why you should use André Ink Négoce for your next purchases of original (OEM) cartridge.

Trade is a tool made at your disposal, allowing you to join the purchasing group network. This registry puts original cartridge distributors in competition.

Here is how's that work:

  1. The buyer (private individual or commercial) makes a request at André Ink for the purchase of their original cartridges.
  2. The demands are then grouped and published in the registry which all the distributors consult to answer calls for tender.
  3. André Ink publishes an announcement on his Web site and send you a link with a password so you can participate, comment and even to make counter-bids.
  4. If your offer is equal or superior at cost price, André Ink transfers it to the registry.
  5. The distributors of the registry follow very carefully the offers and the counter-bid for outbidding or to decrease their price up to their minimum price.
  6. You receive an automatic e-mail for every activity of the ad.
  7. Once the minimum price reaches, the administrator close the negotiation and the minimum price is displays, the add to cart button is activated and you place your final order.

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Last update on 08.05.2018